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High School – World Events practice

World Events is a game we currently only participate in with the high school team in Ann Arbor.  The game consists of questions from two parts: the yearly theme, this year the Civil War, and current events from the preceding calendar year (2015).  For half the game a student must wager 2,4, or 6 points based on their confidence in the topic announced for the next questions.  Here are some examples for you to test your skills:

Theme Round:

  1. Causes of the Civil War – In 1852, the book Uncle Tom’s Cabin was released, depicting the conditions of slavery in the South.  The book quickly became a best-seller and connected with many northerners not previously sympathetic to the abolitionist cause.  Uncle Tom’s Cabin was written by which of the following authors?

A. Walt Whitman  B. Clara Barton  C. Harriet Beecher Stowe  D. Harper Lee

2. Famous people of the North and South – Andrew Johnson was the only senator from a southern state that seceded to remain loyal to the Union.  Which state did he represent in Congress?

A. Virginia  B. Tennessee  C. South Carolina  D. Arkansas

3. War Strategies – In 1861 General Winfield Scott proposed a plan to create a naval blockade of the Confederacy, to damage their economy.  The plan was given which of the following names?

A. Bear Hug  B. Choke-out  C. Stranglehold  D. Anaconda

4. Events and Battles – During the Civil War, the first ironclad ships saw combat.  What were the names of the first two ironclads to engage in combat with each other?

A. Glory and Galena  B. Monitor and Virginia  C. Stonewall and Montauk  D. Keokuk and Chicora

5. Events and Battles – The First Battle of Bull Run was the first major land battle of the Civil War, resulting in a Confederate victory.  This battle was better known to Confederates as:

A. First Malassas  B. First Manassas  C. First Matassas  D. First Massassas

6. Catalysts of the Civil War – The Compromise of 1850 settled the beef between the North and South temporarily.  Which was not a part of the compromise?

A. The slave trade was banned in Washington, D.C.  B. Texas and California were admitted as states.  C. A new fugitive slave law was created  D. New Mexico was made a US territory.

7. Famous people of the North and South – Confederate president Jefferson Davis had been a representative and senator as well as serving in the executive branch during the Pierce administration.  In what post did he serve?

A. Secretary of State  B. Secretary of Homeland Security  C. Secretary of the Treasury  D. Secretary of War

8. Famous people of the North and South – At the beginning of the war, this general was given command of the Department of the West, but fired by president Lincoln after he freed slaves in his district.  He had been a presidential candidate in 1856.  Who was he?

A. Don Carlos Buell  B. John C. Fremont  C. George McClellan  D. William Tecumseh Sherman

9. Famous people of the North and South – Lincoln’s Secretary of State took great care to maintain peace with Great Britain after a US captain detained two Confederate diplomats on a British ship.  What was the name of the Secretary of State?

A. William H. Seward  B. Salmon P. Chase  C. Edward Bates  D. Edwin M. Stanton

10. End and aftermath of the Civil War – In 1865 the Constitution was amended to abolish slavery and involuntary servitude except as punishment for a crime.  Which amendment was this?

A. 13th  B. 14th  C. 15th  D. 16th


Current Events round:

  1.  People in the news – In September 2015, high school student Ahmed Mohamed made the news for a clock he brought to school, which authorities confiscated, fearing it was a bomb.  What state did this happen in?

A. Texas  B. Florida  C. Ohio  D. New York

2.  Sports – In February 2015, a NFL rookie, Malcolm Butler, made the game-saving interception in the Super Bowl to clinch victory for his team.  Who did he play for?

A.  Indianapolis Colts B. New England Patriots  C. Seattle Seahawks  D. Green Bay Packers

3. Disasters – On August 12th, 2015, a massive explosion happened in China claiming 173 lives.  Which city did this occur in?

A. Chongqing  B. Guangzhou  C. Tianjin  D. Beijing

4. Entertainment – The 57th Grammy’s were awarded on February 8th, 2015.  What artist took home the award for Best New Artist?

A. Bastille  B. Haim  C. Iggy Izalea  D. Sam Smith

5. National news & politics – On June 26th, 2015, the Supreme Court released a decision guaranteeing same sex couples the right to marry.  What was the name of the court case?

A. King v. Burwell  B. Glossip v. Gross  C. Obergefell v. Hodges  D. Reed v. Town of Gilbert, AZ

6.  International news & politics – In April 2015, the United States announced plans to re-establish diplomatic relations with what country?

A. Iran  B. North Korea  C. Syria  D. Cuba

7. Science and Technology – In July 2015, a NASA spacecraft performed a close fly by of Pluto capturing many high-resolution photographs of the former planet..  What was the name of this spacecraft?

A. Cassini  B. Voyager  C. Explorer 5  D. New Horizons

8. Sports – In women’s tennis, this player won the Australian Open, the French Open, and Wimbledon but failed to win the US Open for the Grand Slam.  Who is this person?

A. Maria Sharapova  B. Caroline Wozniacki  C. Serena Williams  D. Flavia Pennetta


Good luck with World Events this year!