Junior – Adverb phrase vs. elliptical clause

I was reviewing the judge’s manual a bit and I found some interesting rules that you need to know.  First try these problems and then look at the judge’s manual or contact me to find the correct answers.


Underline prepositional phrases, put parentheses around elliptical clauses. Draw arrow to word the phrase/clause modifies.

1) I ran faster than whoever said, “Huzzah! I got a 93 on the math test.”
2) He moved slowly like a slug.
3) She runs enough for whoever said, “The faqir is cool.”

4) I ran near the man saying, “He kicked the ball.”
5) I ran between the man kicking the ball and the ball being kicked.
6) I ran near whoever kicked the ball.
7) I thought about saying, “The qaid is cool.”

8) Adverb or adjective phrase: I am under the bridge.

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