Prop Question of the Day – December


Hey what’s up?  I am going to post prop questions here from this year’s sections to help everyone get ready for this year’s competitions.  Look for notifications on Twitter when a new question is posted.

December 31st: Section A

This Presidents clue could be about Thomas Jefferson or John Adams based on the fact that they were both on the Committee of Five.  Since I don’t know which one it is, I’ll just wait until the four point clue.

Answer: 0, No Technique

December 30th: Section F

Mother:  I can’t believe you want to go to the Justin Bieber concert; he makes the worst music in human history!

Son:  I know you grew up listening to Mozart perform live but I don’t think you could tell the difference between Justin Bieber and One Direction these days.

Answer: 3, Ad Hominem

December 29th: Section C

Sales representative at meat counter in grocery store:  “It sounds like you’re trying to decide between the rib-eye and sirloin steaks.  Our rib-eye cut looks especially juicy today, so I’m guessing it would be the more flavorful choice.  The sirloin is looking a little bit darker than usual which means that it will be a bit tougher, but it also is at a lower price.  Which do you want to go with?”

Answer: 0, No technique

December 28th: Section B

Graduation speech by McDonalds CEO: “Four score and seven lattes ago, I had the idea that everyone should be able to get coffee quickly and for an affordable price at McDonalds restaurants.”

Answer: 4, Quotation Out of Context

December 27th: Section A

President of the US: “The House Democrats want the budget for NASA to be $25 billion dollars in 2016, and the House Republicans want it to be $15 billion.  Unless we can reach a consensus, we will never be able to pass a budget bill.  I propose that we make NASA’s budget for 2016 $20 billion dollars.”

Answer: 0, No technique

December 26th: Section F

Question during Stanford interview of college applicant: “I see that you visited our campus last April.  What do you like about Stanford?”

Answer: 5, Leading Question

December 25th: Section C

Song lyrics from campaign to raise money for the 1984 famine in Ethiopia: “There won’t be snow in Africa this Christmastime… Do they know it’s Christmastime at all?  Feed the world; let them know it’s Christmastime.”

Answer: 7, Slogans

December 24th: Section C

Starbucks corporate memo sent to stores: Around 10% of our customers don’t celebrate Christmas; therefore, our store employees should say “Happy holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas.”

Answer: 0, No Technique

December 23rd: Section B

Quote from presidential candidate Bernie Sanders: “Do I consider myself part of the casino capitalist process by which so few have so much and so many have so little, by which Wall Street’s greed and recklessness wrecked this economy?  No, I don’t.  I believe in a society where all people do well, not just a handful of billionaires.”

Answer: 1, Emotional Terms

December 22nd: Section A

Conversation between two people at the gym: Bob: Alright we’re almost finished with our 30 minute run, let’s hit the showers.

Jillian: Hold on, let’s go an extra five minutes.  If we work out for a longer duration, the workout will have a greater impact on our fitness level.

Answer: 4, Not Drawing the Line

December 21st: Section F

Interview with CEO Martin Shkreli of Turing Pharmaceuticals after they raised the price of Daraprim from $13.50 to $750:

Interviewer: You’re in favor of free markets, I assume.

Shkreli: Sure.

Interviewer: Why do you think the drug was priced at $13.50 before.  Somebody thought that was the right price for this drug.

Shkreli: Yea, if you look at drugs like Sovaldi, for instance, Daraprim is less expensive than Sovaldi, despite the fact that it treats a disease that’s far more severe and far less common.  So if you think about free markets and fair price, it’s pretty clear that Daraprim was not priced appropriately.

Answer: 7, Inconsequent Argument

December 20th: Section C

Ad in Google store: The Soul Reader poker app on Google Glass will point out the smallest twitches that your opponent makes and help you determine if they’re tells.  When your opponent check-raises all-in on the river now you’ll be able to tell if they have the nuts or if they’re just plain nuts.  Your adversaries better bring their sunglasses.

Answer: 8, Technical Jargon

December 19thSection B

Ad: Vote for Kanye West; he puts the party back into Democratic Party.

Answer: 8, Shift of meaning

December 18th: Section A

Quote from presidential candidate Carly Fiorina at the December 15th Republican Party debate, regarding terrorist attacks: “We have a lot of argument about laws but none of it solves the problem.  Let’s examine what happened, why did we miss the Tsarnaev brothers?  Why did we miss the San Bernardino couple?  It wasn’t because we had stopped collecting metadata — it was because, I think, as someone who comes from the technology world, we were using the wrong algorithms.”

Answer: 9, Causal oversimplification

December 17th: Section F

In a press conference after the Detroit Pistons beat the Philadelphia 76’ers by 10 points, coach Stan Van Gundy answered questions:

Stan: I was very proud of how our starters played tonight.  Our starters did a great job putting more points on the board than the other team when they were on the floor.

Rod: So you weren’t happy with how your backups performed tonight?

Answer: 8, Attacking a straw man

December 16th: Section C

In a game of football, Ryan sat on the sidelines pouting while he was replaced by Brian, who led the team to victory.  Our corporate policy is that you always support your team, no matter what.  I don’t think we should hire Ryan for a management position at State Farm; he is too unlikely to be a team player at our firm.

Answer: 2, Manner

December 15th: Section B

Teacher: Please take out To Kill a Mockingbird.  Stu, I trust that you read To Kill a Mockingbird as you were supposed to over Winter Break.

Stu: Yes sir, I sure did.

Teacher: What character or characters is the title referring to?

Stu: I have no idea.

Teacher: I thought you said you read the book.

Stu: You told us to read “To Kill a Mockingbird” over break, and I did.  *Points at book cover* See, I just read it again!

Answer: 3, Emphasis

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