Although students learn a lot during AG practice, there is a limited amount of time available.  To become a championship contender, it helps a lot to put in some time at home learning.  Here are recommended resources for each game.

Equations and On-Sets – There are numerous equations and On-Sets worksheets for the Minor-Senior levels; however, we can only distribute these in practice.  They can be ordered from the AGLOA website here.

LinguiSHTIK – Ling is a game where understanding the rules is paramount.  Make sure to read the Ling Judges Manual so that you don’t get caught off guard at the tournaments.  At the upper levels of play, having a good word strategy is critical to success.  For a living list of good Ling words, you can visit this page.

Presidents – Because Presidents is not played head to head, it is one of the easiest games to practice at home.  It also has tremendous depth and relevance to students and adults alike.  The most important thing with a Presidents resource is getting something that you are interested in and want to read.  Here are three resources we would recommend:

  • The American Presidency, by Alan Brinkley and Davis Dyer – Unlike many books that students get for Preisdents, this one presents the information in a narrative format as opposed to a reference book, making it a much easier read.  The downside of narratives is that they can oversimplify complex issues; however, this book if nothing else is quite thought-provoking.
  • The Complete Book of US Presidents, by William DeGregorio – This is a classic reference book used by AG players.  It has pretty much everything you would need to know about each president, The downside is that it also has quite a bit of extraneous information that you have to sift through.
  • Wikipedia – All of the information you need to know for Presidents is available for free online.  Wikipedia tends to narrow down subjects into only the most important information, which is the most likely to be asked about in Presidents.

Good luck!